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Stacie L.

General Care

Dr. Kaelberer is the best of the best! He is so kind and understanding and compassionate. He remembers everything and wants to make sure he is doing everything he can to help you have the experience you’re hoping for.

Anna H.

General Care

Dr. Kaelberer is the best! And, truly, who doesn’t love Susan?! I’ve never known anyone that makes getting your blood pressure and weight checked feel more like catching up with an old friend quite like Susan. She is a gift.

Bailey R.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Barton is the best Ob/Gyn! I’m so glad he’s the one who delivered my babies. I also love his sense of humor and willingness to answer all of my questions and work things out.

April J.

Pregnancy and Delivery

My C-section with Dr. Thackery was an amazing moment I will never forget. I’m so grateful that I have a doctor who I can trust and have complete confidence in – Dr. Thackery’s expertise and care is the best. Thank you!

Kami R.

Pregnancy and Delivery

We LOVE Dr. Froerer. He was so good at helping with my anxiety throughout my pregnancy and knew exactly when it was time to get baby girl here to avoid some scary complications. He got her here safely and kept me calm and confident through the process! Best doctor in the world!

Erin A.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Pierson really is so awesome. He just delivered my 5th and final baby and he was so helpful and kind throughout my entire pregnancy. I felt very well taken care of, even through the crazy COVID and kidney stones at the end. He was so calm and helped me through it all.

Hailey C.

General Care

We absolutely love Dr. Gibson! He’s always caring, always listens and answers any questions in a way I understand. He really goes above and beyond for his patients. Highly recommended.

Bailee D.

Pregnancy and Delivery

The AMAZING Dr. Froerer. Walked us through a scary delivery, took time out of his busy day in the clinic to come down and talk me through my fears, and (a little graphic) but I thought it was so cool to have him show us the placenta and sac that kept our baby alive for 9 months! Truly amazing and he will hopefully deliver all of my babies. I am a NICU nurse so he calmed all of my fears that my crazy brain would think of and answered 100s of crazy questions. The best!

Holly T.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I love Dr. Thackeray and Erica! He got my triplets here safe and sound and we made it just shy of 36 weeks. I really appreciate his calm and reassuring demeanor! He really is the greatest and I’m grateful for the care that I received.

Kelsey S.

General Care

Dr. Kaelberer is the BEST! Add Susan and you’ve got the dream team. I am so lucky to have their care.

We have Two New Providers

We are excited to announce that two new providers, Dr. Erica Faircloth and Dr. Spencer Barney have recently joined Cottonwood Ob/Gyn.
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