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Chelsea M.

General Care / Gynecology

Dr. Faircloth is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. She listens, validates and ACTUALLY helps find what’s wrong. I’ve never had a doctor take my complaints/symptoms so seriously and she found 3 underlying health issues just in my first visit with her. One of which was just based on her observing me. That’s how attentive she is. I can not be more thankful for her and her team’s care.

Reagan G.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I’m a second-generation patient of Cottonwood OBGYN! (My mom came here with my younger siblings.) She highly recommended I come here, and I am so glad I did! My first doctor here has since retired, and I went through two miscarriages with her and felt so cared for by her and Debbie, her nurse. In my third pregnancy she went on her own maternity leave and I was able to choose who to move to, and I have a couple of friends who love Dr. Kaelberer so I decided to go with him. He delivered our baby and has been so helpful in making me feel at ease in our previous and current pregnancies despite my first two miscarriages. I appreciate how quick his nurse Susan is to call back when I have questions, and Dr. Kaelberer himself sometimes calls to give results of tests, which makes me feel truly cared for! I cannot recommend Cottonwood OBGYN enough!

Carlie W.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Thackery has been such an amazing doctor delivering 3 of my babies! He is always so calm and reassuring ins stressful situations and is so genuine. Thank you Dr. Thackery!

Autumn C.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Best birth experience I’ve had! Dr. Pierson was AMAZING!! I loved every visit during my pregnancy and when I went into labor a week early with my fourth baby all of the nurses were amazing and my delivery went so perfect and smooth. I couldn’t thank Dr. Pierson enough for the support he gave me with every decision I made on how I wanted the delivery to go. I will be returning for my next pregnancy.

Holly A.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Kaelberer and Susan are amazing! They are so knowledgeable and were so patient with all of my questions as a first-time mom. Kaelberer also performed an endometriosis surgery prior to my pregnancy and was so helpful with our infertility concerns. I had a great birth experience and am grateful for their awesome care!

Brianna M.

General Care

5 Stars!!


Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Thackery was an integral part in giving me a healing experience after a traumatic birth with a different provider three years earlier. Without his calm demeanor, supportive encouragement, and respect to my decisions I don’t think I could have come away from that birth as a whole person. I will always be so grateful to him.

Christy R.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Barney is amazing. He delivered my son and was very thorough throughout the pregnancy and put my mind at ease.

Julia R.

General Care

My favorite OBGYN office – I have doctor Molly Gilbert and I recommend her to everyone. She’s just fantastic in all the ways a woman’s doctor should be.

Dolmy M.

General Care

Dr. Pierson and Cyndee are a blessing!!! They truly care about you and make you feel cared for!

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