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COVID-19 Updates

Here are the latest updates regarding COVID-19 and the precautions we are taking at Cottonwood OB/GYN.

New COVID Policies Effective January 18th, 2022

We are aware of the concern of the new COVID Policies that are being implemented this week. We saw this update and wanted to share the news. This was posted to the Intermountain Healthcare Facebook page today and states that “overnight visitors ARE allowed for labor & delivery AND postpartum patients….” ❤️

Masks are also required at all times. These new guidelines are temporary and will begin Tuesday, January 18th.

INTERMOUNTAIN VISITATION POLICY UPDATE EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, JAN. 18: Due to increasing patient volumes and the prevalence of the Omicron variant, Intermountain is temporarily tightening visitor guidelines in its hospitals and clinics beginning Tuesday, January 18. This will help further protect caregivers, keep patients safe, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
We have updated our policy to allow overnight visitors for only pediatric patients, laboring and postpartum mothers, and patients who are suffering from dementia or are critically ill or at end of life. Visiting hours are between 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. This avoids visitors removing their mask while sleeping, which increases possible exposure to our caregivers.
** Facilities and units have the discretion to adjust visiting hours for local needs. Please check with your care team for hours.**
All visitors must be masked at all times, in all areas in hospitals and clinics, including private patient rooms. When feasible, patients should have their masks on in the presence of a caregiver.

COVID Vaccine for the 70+ Age Group

We wanted to make you all aware about the open enrollment happening tomorrow, regarding the covid vaccine for the 70+ age group. Below is the link that you can go to get signed up if you want a covid vaccine.

Some other information that might be helpful is the following:

You may have to try multiple times to get an appointment but you should be able to.

You will need your driver’s license for documentation to confirm your email address before you can make your appointment.

There is also a phone number you can call 385-468-7468. Hours are 8AM-5PM Wednesday- Friday. Expect to be on hold for up to 2 hours but you should be able to get an appointment.

The person getting the vaccine does not have to make the appointment. The person making the appointment will just need birthdates, phone numbers, addresses, and possibly a driver’s license for the people who are getting vaccinated.

Lastly, this is only good for people who are registered to vote or with clear residence in Salt Lake County.



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COVID-19 Vaccine During Pregnancy

We have received many questions about receiving the Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy.

Pictured below and also linked here is the information that we have been distributing in the office and is from the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine.

“SMFM has developed resources to support the work of OB care providers and their patients during the global pandemic. SMFM members are also invited to join our new online community dedicated to COVID-19. Engage with other MFMs, share clinical cases and resources from your institution, and see what others are doing.”

Please take the time to read over this information and then call your doctor to discuss it. An informed decision is your best decision!



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Visitor Update = 2 Visitors for Labor and Delivery | 1 Visitor for In-Office Visits

UPDATE September 24, 2020; Watch our Instagram for more updates.

Covid-19 Visitor Policy Updates

UPDATE August 28, 2020; Office: You may now have 1 visitor with you at your appointments in our office. You must both wear a mask and continue to social distance in the waiting room. Labor and Delivery & Maternity: Each patient can. Ow have up to 2 visitors, but only one at a time. Visitors must be 12 years old or older.

Update on Visitor Information

UPDATE August 21, 2020; Watch our Instagram for more updates.

1 Visitor Per Patient

UPDATE JUNE 26, 2020; due to the increase in Covid-19 cases here in Utah, the visitor policy at Labor & Delivery has changed back to one visitor per patient for the duration of your stay. Watch our Instagram for more updates.


2 Visitors

New visitor policies going into effect today. We are here for you! Stay safe and healthy everyone. Click here to watch



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New visitor policies going into effect today. See stories for details! Updates now saved in highlights 👆🏼

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Support Person

Another great frequently asked question. “Can my support person leave the hospital?” Your support person may come and go from the hospital but you may only have the same support person your entire stay. They cannot trade off with someone else. They are welcome to leave and come back but may not loiter in the halls or in the waiting room as it is closed at this time.


Instagram Q&A May 11th

As guidelines and precautions keep fluctuating we will keep you informed and up to date as possible. Dr. Cracroft posted answers to questions and updates to what is happening in the office and hospital. We have saved those recordings in the May 11th highlight bubble above. If you have more questions be sure to call our office. We are here for you! Stay safe and healthy everyone. Click here to watch


Online Classes

The website for online prenatal & childbirth classes and resources is linked in our bio or found here.


We're In This Together

We continue to strive to care for you. If you have questions concerning your appointment, general health, or COVID-19 worries, please call us. We are all in this together!


Labor and Delivery Experiences During COVID-19

We loved hearing such positive experience about delivering during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 precautions and wearing a mask during delivery. Swipe the Instagram post to read more -> Thank you for sharing your experience.


Instagram Q&A for April 27th

Dr. Cracroft answered more questions from our stories. Swipe -> to read the Q & A. What other questions do you have? Comment or dm us. As always, you can call our office for a more immediate answer.


Instagram Q&A for April 17th

COVID-19 updates from April 17th are saved in the highlight stories on our Instagram. Click here to watch. Information in the story includes:

Updates from Dr. Cracroft. Please remember to call our office with any questions. Thank you and Stay Smart, and Stay Safe.

Thank you.

Updated Precautions At IMC

Here is the updated information on COVID-19 precautions at IMC, the Women’s Center and our office. Swipe through to read. Stay safe and please call us if you have questions. (801) 507-1950


Instagram Q&A for April 3rd

COVID-19 updates from April 3rd are saved in the highlight stories on our Instagram. Click here to watch. Information in the story includes:

  1. All Intermountain doctors are now required to wear a mask and face shield.
  2. Temperature screening is now a standard procedure when entering the building.
  3. They may give you a mask to wear up to your appointment if you fit certain criteria.
  4. If your temperature is 100.4, or higher, you will not be admitted into the building. Please return to your car and call our office. We will be able to send you for testing and reschedule your appointment.
  5. If you are COVID-19 positive please CALL our office and let us know. We are keeping a log of our patients that are positive. Please do not come into the office.
  6. If you are COVID-19 positive and go into labor you MUST CALL 801-507-7777 before you come into labor and delivery. There are protocols and procedures to handle this situation and L&D must prepare.

Please watch the stories for even more important information.

Thank you.

Instagram Q&A

Dr. Cracroft answered several questions sent in by our followers last night. Be sure to watch and learn helpful information during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Stay healthy and safe everyone! Please watch out Instagram Q&A here.

Do Your Part To Slow The Spread

Physicians, nurses and medical personnel are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember to do your part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Wash your hands, socially distance yourself, and remember, no children are allowed at appointments or in the Women’s Center. Thank you.

Extra COVID-19 Precautions

Everyone hang in there! We understand that a lot has changed in the past week and especially the last 24 hours concerning Covid-19. The precautionary measures are there to keep you healthy. Please call our office if you have questions about your appointment or need to reschedule. Be sure to wash your hands and stay healthy. We are here to help you!

No Children Allowed At The Women's Center

New restrictions have been placed. Children are no longer permitted at office appointments or as visitors on any floor of the Women’s Center.

IMC Precations

Please be advised on the latest precautions here at IMC. Thank you for your understanding in helping keep everyone healthy!

Utah Coronavirus Information Line

The Utah Poison Control Center and the Utah Department of Health have created a great resource on coronavirus information. Call 1-800-456-7707, to talk to trained professionals who will be answering your questions on COVID-19. Remember to wash your hands, cough into your elbow and stay home if you don’t feel well. For more information call the number listed above. Thanks to Salt Lake Health for this information.

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