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Should I get an IUD?

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Questions regarding an IUD are common for women looking for birth control.

It’s important to know that an IUD isn’t right for everyone, but it is right for a lot of people! There are 3 different types we use in our clinic. One is the Paragard IUD which is a small plastic T with no hormones involved. It has a small copper coil around the stem which prevents pregnancy. It’s very effective and lasts for up to 10 years, but you can have it removed any time if you’re unhappy with it, or if you’re ready to get pregnant. Most women feel like they’re not using birth control with the Paragard, but some women do get heavier bleeding during their periods, and occasionally spotting between periods. This doesn’t happen often, but it can be a bit of a nuisance.

Another IUD option is the Mirena IUD. The Mirena secretes a small amount of progesterone daily to prevent pregnancy. This hormone also often makes your periods very light, or go away altogether! It lasts for 5 years. It has a small chance of hormonal side effects such as headaches, mood changes, and weight gain, but these are very infrequent due to the low dose of hormone circulating in your bloodstream.

The last option is the Kyleena IUD. It is the same as the Mirena, except it’s a little bit smaller in size and a little bit less hormone. The Kyleena IUD is great for women who haven’t had babies before.

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