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National Mammogram Day

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It’s National Mammography Day, a day which usually happens once a year on the third Friday in October and was proclaimed a national day back in 1993. National Mammography Day joins in with National Breast Cancer Awareness month which occurs all month long in October.

It’s never too late to celebrate by scheduling your mammogram! Mammography is the most accurate method for breast cancer detection and can detect cancer before a lump can be felt.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. An annual mammogram is the first line of defense in preventing breast cancer. Baseline mammograms are recommended around the age of thirty-five sometimes sooner based on family health history. Yearly mammograms are recommended around the age of 40 to start early detection and monitoring. This exam also provides other helpful information such as architectural distortion and breast density which can give the provider extra information on whether or not you are at higher risk of getting breast cancer in the future.

Mammogram exams are fairly quick and relatively painless and usually involve a low-level x-ray. If you think you might be pregnant be sure to let your healthcare provider know before proceeding with your mammogram procedure. This procedure will look for distortions, asymmetries, calcifications, and masses and could also be used to check for other issues not associated with breast cancer.

Whether or not breast cancer or cancer in general runs in your family it is highly recommended to get a mammogram when the time comes. As mentioned above this is the best way for early detection and prevention.

If you have questions be sure to talk to your provider. This test can easily be scheduled next time you are in the office for your next appointment or call our front desk to get an appointment scheduled as well.

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