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Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the day to day life of pregnancy? Here are some answers!

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy:

Liter Boxes?

You should not have litter box cleaning duty during pregnancy.

Hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas?

You should avoid hot tubs and saunas. Anything that raises your core body temperature to a fever for a prolonged period of time can be harmful to the developing fetus. Baths are safe as long as you keep it at a reasonable temperature.

Hair dye? Dental Procedures? Waxes?

Dying your hair, dental procedures, bikini waxes are safe during pregnancy.

Laser hair removal, electrolysis, spray tans?

Laser hair removal, electrolysis, and spray tans have not been well-studied during pregnancy and should probably be avoided.

Cigarettes, marijuana, and pain medications?

Cigarettes, marijuana and narcotic pain medications are all off limits in pregnancy.

Loud noises?

Loud noises like gun shots, fireworks, and concerts should be avoiding to protect your baby’s developing ears.

Other things to be avoided?

There are lots of individual activities that haven’t been well-studied in pregnancy, like roller coasters, riding ATVs, mountain biking, skiing, etc. A good rule is, if it’s possible for you to fall and land on your belly or cause significant trauma, it should be avoided.

What can I do?

There are plenty of activities most people CAN safely do while pregnant: run, Zumba, lift weights, yoga, hike, swim, etc.

Talk to your doctor about what’s safe for you.

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