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Think You May Be in Labor?

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Is your baby on the way?

Sometimes it can be tricky to know if you’re in labor or not, especially if it’s your first baby. It’s common to have warm-up labor with stretches of regular contractions as you get closer to your due date, so there are things you can watch for hopefully identify real labor at the right time.

You’re looking for contractions that 5 minutes apart or closer, steadily increasing over an hour, and are intense enough that you can’t talk through them. They should cause you to stop what you’re doing and breathe. If you can talk through them, that’s fine! It’s just probably not time for you to be admitted to Labor and Delivery.

Even if it looks and feels like what I’ve described, sometimes it’s still a false alarm. This is so common! Please don’t feel bad about coming to L&D at the wrong time. And have hope! If you’re having these painful consistent contractions, chances are your baby will be here soon, even if it’s not yet.

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