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Birth Control Options

When it comes to birth control there are several options.

Some important questions to consider when making your birth control choice: How long are you planning to be on it? What have you liked/disliked about other methods you’ve tried? What side effects are most important to you to avoid?

All birth control methods have the possibility of some undesirable side effects, but some side effects are more likely with certain contraceptive methods than others. Fortunately, we can usually find something that will work while minimizing these side effects.

Options include starting from the least effective to most effective:

  1. Pull-out, barriers (condoms, etc), natural family planning/timing.
  2. Prescription methods; pills, NuvaRing, patch; -Pills are great for ease–you just take a pill! But you do have to be good at remembering to take them VERY consistently. Pills are also great for painful and heavy periods and control of PMS symptoms.
  3. Long term options; progesterone IUD (Skyla, Kyleena, Mirena, Liletta), copper IUD (Paragard), Depo-Provera injection, or a progesterone implant (Nexplanon).
    -If you have a history of hormonal side effects, consider the Paragard IUD. The progesterone IUDs contain far less hormone than pills, so you may also have fewer hormonal side effects with the progesterone IUD. If your periods are heavy, consider one of the long-acting progesterone methods like an IUD or the Nexplanon.

Here is a related article on IUDs.

One misconception is that if you try a long-acting method, you have to keep it for the entire time. This is not true. If you choose to try an IUD or the implant, you can have them removed anytime, whether it’s because you’re having undesirable side effects or because you’re ready to get pregnant. Be sure to call us if you’re not happy with your current method.  (801) 507-1950

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